Narrowband Absorbers


ABS-NBE is a range of flexible absorbers produced from an elastomer resin based on urethane (ABS-NBE) or silicone (ABS-NBSE). The absorber sheets are tuned by thickness and chemical composition to be resonant at the specific frequency. ABS-NBE are magnetically loaded absorbers which are designed for installation by bonding on a metal structure. The bonding line must be thin as possible to avoid detuning of the absorber consequently reducing its performance. These narrow band absorbers are typically specified with a reflectivity level of -20dB at the discrete frequency.

ABS Technics foresees in the production of both urethane and silicone absorbers, whereas silicone base material is mainly used in case of higher temperature applications. The polyurethane version is easier to apply by using any regular double sided self-adhesive.
Silicone absorbers are usually installed using an adequate liquid adhesive.


  • Lining of cavities typically with oscillating frequency
  • Antenna feeds
  • Applications which need treatment at a specific frequency
  • Metal structures nearby radar systems

Datasheet ABS-NBE  

Datasheet ABS-NBSE