Military Applications


Aerospace applications have very specific demands as the environmental conditions are very extreme. At high altitudes and with the use of specific liquids high attention must be paid on the absorber materials when used inside or sometimes on the outside of the application. Typically elastomeric based are applied as they sustain the extreme conditions, however also foam absorber or honeycomb based materials have their advantage on weight and ease of installation.

Polyurethane materials can be equipped with a specific coating to resist on many fluids which are often specified in the specific requirements. Aerospace systems are always equipped with a variety of communication and RF survey systems in a broad range of frequencies. Our absorber materials can be adapted to the specific operational frequencies, cross talk between antenna systems is a typical application which needs absorber material.


Within the military market naval applications are the most corrosive environments and require a high level of reliability on the applied absorber materials. ABS Technics has a long experience and high expertise in the design of absorber materials for naval applications. We provide a range of elastomeric absorbers with extensive material properties to meet naval requirements. Navy vessels are equipped with a variety of microwave systems each at their specific frequency or frequency range, microwave absorber materials are produced to threat specific narrow band frequencies but also for a broad frequency range.

In order to improve stealth properties and RCS levels we have a very good knowledge in producing absorber foam materials which are protected with fabrics or coatings to meet the extreme requirements on naval applications. Absorber materials are designed or modified to meet requirements on each specific application and this with regard to absorption performance but also mechanical properties, fixations for permanent installations or easy removable situations. Specifically on high level area’s on vessels such as masts or antenna systems absorber materials are available having very low weight.