Broadband Absorbers

Broadband absorbers find their way typically in free space applications where the absorber material provides a high level of insertion loss and a high reduction of the applications reflectivity level.
ABS Technics produces absorber materials for a broad frequency range from UHF up to the EHF.
Broadband absorbers are made from different base materials flexible and rigid polyurethane foam, elastomeric polyurethane and silicone sheets, thermoplastics, epoxy and customer specific material.

In order to meet customer specific requirements free space broad band absorbers often require a specific treatment or customization of the absorber, so when a broadband band material for free space is considered do not hesitate to contact us for an innovative solution.
Typical broadband applications are metal structures and masts to reduce their reflectivity level, cross talk reduction between antenna systems, modification of RCS or improvement of stealth applications.